Two Dots

Emily is a curious little girl. Sometimes she feels very lonely without her parents, who are sending her postcards from far away places: The deepest sea, the highest mountains and the hottest deserts.

These postcards are the only connection to them.

The leaves begin to fall down, colors are changing. No sign from Emily’s mom and dad.
Where are they? Did something happen to them? Are they in danger?

Emily has a lovely Uncle called Jack. He observed the situation from the distance, starting to get worried about the little girl.
He loves his little boat, which he works on every day in the backyard. Thinking of the old times he had as a captain, waiting for a new adventure to happen.

The first snow flakes are falling down. Emily missed her parents and tells Jack about it.
“We have to find them. Will you help me?” He doesn't need to think about it, and so they started packing.
It is a very cold and snowy day. That’s where the grand adventure begins.

Production: Bossa of NYC
Illustration & Animation: Owen Davey
Director: Gui Marcondes
Writer: James Cooper
Music & sound design: Upright T-Rex Music

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Two Dots

Two Dots




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