Evendar -- Drag to Create Events

Evendar -- Drag to Create Events

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Tips: The IAPs in Evendar are not associated with functions. You can use any functions of Evendar free. If you find Evendar can help you improve your life or work Quality and you think Evendar worth to be purchased, you can donate to us to help us improve our develop Environment. Thank you for your Support.

Evendar is one Calendar App based on Managing Events. Evendar can help you manage Events and Tasks more easily than before:
1. Evendar can create and edit Event easily, you can set time and location for your Events;
2. When the event is about to occur, you will receive the notification from Evendar;
3. Support Repeat Events. Once add Event, no longer need to input again and again;
4. You can create Event by Template. Add Event Templates once time, create Event anytime when the Event is occurred, only by tapping the Template Button;
5. If you set the location for your Event, you can direction to location easily--only clicked the 'GO' BUTTON. You will never need to spend time on opening Maps or Searching for your destination. Life should be more and more easily;
6. Evendar can help you create Task List and add Task anywhere, through Today Widget, by share any words, photos even files, never forget what need to be done;
7. Calendar can record Birthday and Anniversary, never miss important Anniversary or important persons' Birthday;
8. Evendar can show the Events Distribution of Every Month by Schedule. Manage Events by Schedule can be more and more quickly;
9. Evendar can backup your data by iCloud!

Tip: Evendar won't use your location information when Evendar Enter Background. Only when your iPhone or other App locate your position, Evendar can calculate whether you are nearby your Events' Location. So the notifications based on Location maybe will have some deviation.

We will update Evendar regularly to add more useful function and fix bugs!

If you have any problems or suggestions when you are using Evendar, you can contact us by:
Weibo: http://weibo.com/u/6185978194, @Evendar
Email: evendar_iosapp@yeah.net
We will reply and improve Evendar as soon as possible.


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