Fused ぷり写真 切り取り& フィルター アプリ

Got two images but don't know which one to post? Why not Fuse them and get a really unique looking composite image!

Check out my review on Easy Tiger Apps' new image editor: Fused.

It's free on the App Store so go check it here:


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My desktop backgrounds are courtesy of Facets, go check out his site, the dude has got some really awesome work, and you can download them for free. Seriously.


Equipment used for this video:

⌦ Camera
Canon Legria HFM 46 (shooting AVCHD 17Mbps)

⌦ Microphone
Behringer Ultravoice XM8500

⌦ Audio Recorder
Sony ICD-PX312

⌦ Lights
Eurolux FS4 Construction Lights x2

⌦ Edit Suite
FCPX 10.1.4

⌦ Edit Machine
MacBook Pro 15" Retina - 2 GHz - i7 - 8GB RAM - 250GB SSD

⌦ OS
OS X 10.9.4


Fused ぷり写真 切り取り& フィルター アプリ

Fused ぷり写真 切り取り& フィルター アプリ




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