CamCard Lite:名刺管理·日本語他16言語対応

CamCard is a professional business card reader app that reads business cards, saves the information instantly to your phone contacts and syncs across smartphones, tablets and computers.

It almost accurately reads the contact information and saves an image in case something goes wrong while scanning. CamCard is available on both Android and iOS. There is a free version and a paid version available on Play Store, whereas on App Store you have a paid version only. CamCard makes saving contacts much easier and faster. It is totally worth it.

Review by: Pranav Dixit
Produced by: Manas Gurung
Music: "Tree Tenants" by Revolution Void


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CamCard Lite:名刺管理·日本語他16言語対応

CamCard Lite:名刺管理·日本語他16言語対応




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