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スマホで聖書が読めるアプリが登場したようです。これなら、いつでもどこでも人生のバイブルを持ち運ぶことができます。早速、現代版聖書「Nuebible」を紐解いていきましょう! アプリを開くとタイトルが表示されます。さて、中身はどのようなレイアウトなのでしょうか?まるで本を手に取って読んでいるかのような温もりを感じます。ちなみに、ホーム画面ではフォントの変更を行うことができます。ナイトモードにして、文字のフォントを変えてみました。読みやすいだけでなく、ロマンチックな雰囲気に♪さらに、検索機能を使えば好きなフレーズがどこにあるか一発でわかって便利!これならマーカーを引かなくとも大事なフレーズがいつでも引き出せますね。聖書を読んだことがないという方にとってもなじみやすいアプリでしたね。この機会にぜひ利用してみてください♪NeuBible – A beautifully simple Bible app designed for reading/無料APPをダウンロードする※こちらで表記しているアプリの価格は、記事作成当時の価格になります。ダウンロードの際は、必ずお値段をお確かめください!(作成者:meisa)

2015-09-06 19:00



Introducing NeuBible



NeuBible is a beautiful, modern Bible app.


"An elegant and radically simplified mobile app for the Bible." - Fast Company

"Marries distraction-free design with soul-liberating intentions...reading on NeuBible is comparable to something as seamless as Medium" - PSFK

"NeuBible has raised the bar for reading apps to an astronomical height." - Beautiful Pixels



• Intuitive, gesture-based navigation — Getting around in apps can be so confusing. With NeuBible's spine navigation, it's always easy to remember where you are and what you were doing. Plus, it's always within a thumb's reach, and even easy to use with the larger screens of the iPhone 6 & 6 Plus!

• A beautiful, considered reading experience — We've licensed fonts from Hoefler & Co, Linotype, Commercial Type & DSType, and hand-tuned the margins, line spacing and font sizes to give you as considered a reading experience as you'll find anywhere on iOS.

• Lightweight...AND LIGHTNING FAST — From its insanely quick loading speed, to its inventive use of navigation, everything about NeuBible has been optimized and engineered to get you to books and verses, and get reading as quickly as possible.

• Quick Search — Double tap anywhere while reading to quickly access search and easily find books, keywords, and even jump directly to verses.

• Timeline View — Quickly access your highlighted verses, along with any verse(s) you've bookmarked.

• Easy chapter navigation — Swipe left in the book view or while reading to quickly navigate to other chapters.

• Reading mode customization — Customize your reading experience with control of font formatting and day & night reading modes.

• Reading Reminders — No unwanted push notifications here, just the ones you set yourself.

• Gesture-based verse highlighting — Simply tap, hold, and drag your finger down the screen to highlight and copy verses.

• Make NeuBible your own w/ themes — Since the Bible is one of the most personal reading experiences you'll ever have, we wanted to help you make it feel even more personal. Themes are basically like going to the bookstore and picking out that ONE perfect Bible for yourself when you were a kid...

• iCloud Sync — Keep all of your highlights* and timeline backed up and synced across devices seamlessly with iCloud Sync

*We currently only support iCloud sync for highlights at this time. We've put a lot of thought into this and feel that even though it would be easy to do, given the different places and ways most people use their iPhones and iPads, also syncing reading position and bookmark wouldn't provide the best user experience.



• English Standard Version (ESV)*
• Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)
• World English Bible (WEB)
• American Standard Version (ASV)
• King James Version (KJV)
• Common English Bible (CEB)*
• New American Standard Bible (NASB)*
• New International Version (NIV)*
• New King James Version (NKJV)*

*Available via in-app purchase


If you'd like to find out more about the translation licensing process, ask us a question about the ones that are currently available, or send us a request for your favorite translation, you contact us at, on Facebook, or on Twitter at @neubibleco


Our 'biggest update yet...NeuBible for iPad is here!!!

Don't worry iPhone users, we didn't forget about you—we’ve also added 3D touch support on the homescreen for the iPhone 6s & 6s Plus, and also cleaned up a bunch of translations issues.


Native iPad support:
• Everything is new here, we've reimagined NeuBible for the larger screen of the iPad
• Redesigned translation browsing
• We heard you! !e've removed the "continue reading" notification (!!) and now just drop you back in the app where you left off!
• We've applied new device-specific margin metrics for each specific iPad size (7.9", 9.7" & 12.9")
• Doubled line truncation for verses in timeline view from 3 lines to 6 lines

• If you’re using NeuBible for iPhone, you won’t notice any visual changes—but you will notice that we’ve fixed a bunch of translation issues that have plagued everyone.
• We've removed the "Continue Reading" notification you'd see on opening the app after extended periods of time (and now just drop you where you last left off)
• We’ve also added 3D touch support from the app icon on your home screen, so let us know if that’s buggy for you on your iPhone 6s or 6s Plus.

Translation fixes:
• (FIXED) ESV combining words together, most notably uses of the divine “LORD” in the Old Testament
• (FIXED) ESV had some verses at the end of books and chapters missing
• (FIXED) HCSB had some issues where multiple headers all be together at the top of the book and not inline where they should have been
• (FIXED) HCSB had random bullets and special characters littered throughout chapter section headers that are used for meta data and reference callouts, and we’re properly removing those
• (FIXED) HCSB had some tab and hard-return issues in the poetry books, but not anymore
• (FIXED) NASB is no longer wrapping the divine usage of “Lord” in the Old Testament in brackets


As always, we continue to be floored by everyone's response to NeuBible. We thank you again for your continued support!

We are a small 3-person team, so if you love using the app, be sure to leave a review on the App Store!

- Kory, Aaron & Zach