Haunted Manor 2

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In you want to, you can try the FREE LITE version of this new incredible adventure by redBit games!

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iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/app/haunted-manor-2-horror-behind/id730968939

"There are many stories but one common theme... stay away from the Haunted Manor".

How brave are you young adventurer?

We shall see!

You are about to enter a land where anything and everything could happen. The house will test your heart, body and soul. If you can keep your composure, your mind open and your wits together, you may succeed in taming the house.

"Haunted Manor 2" is an adventure game that will test your mental abilities and observation skills. You will have to explore the house and solve numerous, at times dark, often humorous but always challenging riddles in order to progress through the game. If you succeed, you will finally discover and maybe solve the mysterious secret behind the house...

Using all of your logic and nerves will be the only way to get to the end of this fantastic horror themed adventure.


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Haunted Manor 2

Haunted Manor 2




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