Symphony for iPhone

The official overview of some of the basic music composition features in our latest app for iPhone.

Feature Highlights:

• Use the Pencil tool to add notes via a virtual keyboard or tapping directly on the score
• Use the Select or Eraser tool to easily & intuitively edit your existing composition
• Intuitive UI optimized for iPhone 5, 6, and 6 Plus.
• Fully featured standard notation with up to 48 staves and 4 voices per staff
• 100 instrument samples to play back your score
• Use the Mixer to edit the volume, attack, release, pan, reverb, and more playback characteristics to create a nuanced and elegant performance.
• Export your score to AAC, MIDI, MusicXML, or PDF

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- Arrangement/Composition by Dr. Daniel Wyman (Gnorble Music)
- Note: Audio performance from Logic Pro with original MIDI file created in Symphony.

Symphony for iPhone

Symphony for iPhone




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