Disconnect Premium Privacy, Performance and VPN

Disconnect Premium Privacy, Performance and VPN

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"In the end, we picked Disconnect as our favorite [privacy] tool because it was the easiest to understand." - NewYorkTimes, February 17, 2016

A faster, safer Internet is one click away! Join over 25 million people who trust us to protect their privacy, security, and device performance.

Disconnect Premium blocks invisible tracking and malware threats, accelerating page load speeds by up to 44% and reducing bandwidth by up to 39%! Unlike browser specific products, Disconnect Premium protects you across all your applications. Super simple to use, Disconnect makes your iOS device faster and safer.

Thousands of companies, cybercriminals, and governments invisibly track your online activity in ways you wouldn’t expect. Disconnect is a cloud-based privacy and security app that offers real-time protection from trackers and hackers who use privacy invasive ads and invisible tracking to access users' identities and sensitive personal information. Our tools make it simple to protect your online privacy and security.

Disconnect has won several prestigious accolades including the 2015 Innovation Award for Privacy and Security at the South by Southwest festival, making the list of Popular Science’s 100 Best of What’s New and being recommended as the New York Times' favorite privacy app. Disconnect's privacy technology powers Firefox’s private browsing mode and the Tor browser’s private search, among other prominent partnerships. A certified public benefit corporation, Disconnect has been featured on 60 Minutes, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Today Show, CNN, Wired, and many more.

Benefits include:

- Tracking and Malware protection: block malicious trackers, sources of malware and identity theft.
- Boost performance: faster page & app loads, reduced bandwidth, extended battery life.
- Secure Wi-Fi: prevent wireless eavesdropping, encrypt Internet traffic with our VPN.
- Keep your searches private: search privately and securely using your favorite search engine.
- See who's tracking you: before you browse, see the invisible tracking on websites you will visit.
- Mask location: change your IP address, access content available in other countries.

Subscription information:
Length: You can sign up for either monthly or an annual subscription
Price: Monthly is $4.99 / Annual is $49.99
Info: Your subscription will auto renew until you cancel. With an active subscription, you'll be updated to the latest blocking protection every month and the use unlimited amount of bandwidth. You can manage your subscription by using the App Store app on your phone (Tap Features --> tap Apple ID at bottom of page --> View Apple Id --> Manage App Subscriptions)
Privacy policy:

Terms of use:


The 'privacy and performance mode' is overhauled and is now faster, more stable, and you can run our protection and another VPN simultaneously. To upgrade to this new blocking only mode, simply start protection from inside the application and it will install the new "Tracker Protection" configuration.

To clarify the modes:
*The default mode (Tracker Protection/Performance) blocks trackers without routing your internet traffic over our servers. It will not change your IP address.
*The VPN mode provides the same tracker protection but does encrypt and route your traffic through our servers. Your IP address will be changed and you can mask your location with our supported countries/regions.

If you have any questions or issues please email us at support@disconnect.me