Incredible Box

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Incredible Box - Brainstorm
By Waterpower Technology

Incredible Box is a very traditional game. Roll the box to the target position, nothing more.

It looks simple, but this game is hard, very hard.

In order to help all of you can finish all of the levels. We have provided the solution of all levels.

P.S. This game will frequency update to provide more and more level for you to challenge. So please don't uninstall it after finished the game. Currently we provide 30 levels for you.

Warning: Don't break your phone if you cannot find the solution. We would not responsible for it.

We may release PC, web, xbox, PS3, PS4, or NDS version of this game. Now we have iOS, Android, and WP8 version of the game.

Играем на ipad4

Incredible Box

Incredible Box




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