DayD Tower Rush HD

DayD Tower Rush HD - Gameplay iOS Universal


Onwards to the past - сreate the future! Learn the real power of science!

You tripped into history, or to be precise -- you fell straight into the past. Well, will you defeat the dinosaurs with your shiny smartphone?

Build towers, collect resources, use the power of the scientific method and you will surely manage to return to your time!

It's all in your hands now in this uncompromising battle for survival of the species! Find out who's stronger -- the technology of the future, or brute force. Time Mayhem!

- A world of 40 prehistirical levels.
- Original opponents, fearsome bosses and rare fossils.
- Excellent game balance.

Welcome to the unique Strategy Game.
You will leave your mark on history!

DayD Tower Rush HD

DayD Tower Rush HD




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