Marco Polo: Find Your Phone by Shouting MARCO!

Marco Polo: Find Your Phone by Shouting MARCO!

価格:120円 iPhone/iPadに対応

















忙しい時に、持ち歩いていたiPhoneをどこかに置きっぱなしに…そして、見失ってパニックに!Photo:写真ACと、そんな風に部屋の中でiPhoneが迷子になった経験がある人、絶対多いですよね!?そんな皆様に是非オススメしたい有料アプリがあるので、ご紹介致します!それが今回ご紹介するこちら、「Marco Polo」というアプリ♪iPhoneを見失って困ったときに、大きな声で「マルコ!」とiPhoneを呼ぶと、iPhoneが「ポーロ!」と返事をするようになるという超画期的なアプリなんです!アプリを起動して、マイクへのアクセスをOKしたら準備はオッケーです!使い方は超カンタン、アプリを起動したままにしておくだけ!そして、なくした時に「マルコ!」とiPhoneを呼ぶだけです。近くにiPhoneがあれば、「ポーロ!」とこたえてくれます。「マルコ」の掛け声は、画面下の「MARCO」の文字をタップして変更することも可能です!が、英語じゃないとダメ且つあまり難しいのにすると認識してくれないので注意!返事の声の種類も、画面左上の「三」マークからメニューを開けば変更することができますよー!いかがですか?iPhoneの電源がオフになっていたり、iPhoneが遠いところにある時は返事してくれないでご注意を!iPhoneを無くしやすいカラオケや飲み会の席で使ってみると、良いかもしれませんよ♪Marco Polo: Find Your Phone by Shouting MARCO!/¥100APPをダウンロードする※こちらで表記しているアプリの価格は、記事作成当時の価格になります。ダウンロードの際は、必ずお値段をお確かめください!

2014-12-17 11:00


If you've ever lost or misplaced your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch somewhere nearby but can't quite remember where, the Marco Polo app will help you quickly find your device with just your voice. Just shout out loud MARCO! and your hidden device will ring back POLO! so that you can find it.

#1 Paid Utility App in 87 countries! #1 Top Paid App Overall in 39 countries! Featured on: Popular Science, Cult of Mac, Gizmodo, CNET, TUAW, The Daily Dot, Business Insider, and many more!

Updated Nearby Widget for iOS 10 lets you find misplaced devices with just a tap, right from your Lock screen. Just swipe right to reveal your widgets and Marco Polo will automatically find any device around you!

The Marco Polo app runs silently in the background and never disturbs you until you need it. No more panic attacks or getting to a Mac to find your device—Marco Polo works with just your voice and completely offline (no Wi-Fi or cellular needed). The app will listen across multiple rooms, even multiple levels in your home, and will override silent mode so you can find your device no matter what. Simply launch the app, then shout MARCO! That’s it!

For even more fun try installing Marco Polo on multiple devices. You can distinguish each device by changing the input phrase, voice and custom response, so that each iOS device behaves differently.

Note: Marco Polo currently uses an acoustic model for North American accents. If you have a non North American accent it may be less responsive.

• Change the input phrase and shout anything you want
• Over 30 unique character voices to customize how your device sounds when it responds
• Control what your device says back with custom responses like: “I’m Over Here”, “Who's There?”, and “iPhone Reporting”, or enter your own phrase!
• Updated Nearby Widget; now find misplaced devices right from your Lock screen
• Push Notifications light up your screen making it easy to find your device in the dark
• Volume Boost maximizes your device’s volume level, even if you left the volume low
• Works with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

These limitations are imposed by iOS and are required for all apps that use the microphone:
• Some notifications and sounds will get silenced. Phone calls, calendar alerts, and clock alarms will continue to make sounds.

• Marco Polo does NOT require Wi-Fi or cellular. All voice processing is done on your device and is never sent or stored anywhere. Nothing ever gets saved. Nothing ever leaves your device.
• Nearby Widget requires iOS 8 and a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) compatible device. However devices running iOS 7 that are BLE compatible can still be discovered. Devices must be running Marco Polo.


We've fixed custom responses and updated the app for iOS 10!