Cotton Plop: 月経トラッカー& 日記、生理カレンダー

Cotton Plop: 月経トラッカー& 日記、生理カレンダー

価格:無料 iPhone/iPadに対応















Cotton Plop は驚くべき楽しい月経アプリです。確認、POPSUGAR 統合、月経テーマのビデオゲームが搭載されています。

Cotton Plopは以下の項目を追跡します: 

• 生理発生日 • 乳房の圧痛 • 月経日 • 生理痛の強度 • 運動 • 親密• 偏頭痛• 産婦人科の検診 • 月経期間と度合い • 妊娠テスト結果 • 睡眠パターン • スポット • ストレス源 • 排卵日を特定するための起床時の体温 • ビタミン摂取 • 体重の変化 • 追加のカスタマイズ可能な5項目


What’s new in version 3.0
1. Bug fixes and improvements.

======Past Versions======
Version 2.9
1. Bug fixes.

Version 2.8
1. Bug fixes.

Version 2.7
1. Haptic Feedback support.
2. Bug fixes.

Version 2.6
1. 89 new affirmations.
2. When adding notes to your daily journal, they will now be searchable outside the app in iOS search using Core Spotlight integration.
3. Bug fixes in POPSUGAR.
4. Other bug fixes.

Version 2.5
1. 223 new affirmations.
2. Bug fixes.

Version 2.4
1. Calendar supports iPhone 6 and 6 plus full width.
2. More color themes.
3. Swiping left or right on calendar moves the months forwards or backward.
4. Bug fix with quick launching into Today’s Journal.
5. 84 new affirmations.
6. New tab order. “Home”, “Calendar”, “Game”, “Data”, and “More”.
7. Settings and Hot Spot are now combined in the “More” tab.
8. Various bug fixes.

Version 2.3
1. HealthKit support for devices running iOS 9. Allows you to sync menstruation, spotting, cervical mucus quality, basal body temperature, weight and intercourse information to the Apple Health app.
2. Fixed a bug in the calendar for certain regions.
3. Now tracks protected and unprotected intercourse.
4. Now tracks cervical mucus quality
5. Waking temperature is renamed to basal body temperature.
6. 129 new affirmations.
7. Support for new 3D Touch devices.
8. Shortcuts from the Cotton Plop icon to “Today’s Journal”, “Affirmations”, “POPSUGAR” and “All Entries”.
9. Peek and Pop POPSUGAR articles using 3D Touch.
10. New UI for viewing your periods using period cards. Period cards display your period date, length, flow levels and cycle length.
11. Your profile picture and name now display in the Periods view.