Voice Aura -色による音声診断 あなたの声は何色?-

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Voice Aura is an iPhone app that colors represented by the voice.
You just need to say something what you feel for 5 seconds and your voice is represented by 12 colors waveform.

You can know your feelings easily at anytime anywhere by checking waveforms differences such as size and shape of the waveform.

The app shows 12 colors of waveforms for each musical scale by analyzing the frequency of the voice.

Rather than the size of the voice, the strength of the voice frequency has the waveform appears. Voice is not the same for everyone. it is changing everyday but only by daily life also. Happiness, sadness, painful,enjoyable.

Depending on usage, you can get a variety of waveforms from television, the internet, and videos to know famous people's feeling. You can also analyze and the ability of people like divination and fortune.

Please use this app with your friends, co-workers,lovers to know what you feel. You can also compare and share the waveforms by using SNS.

Why don't you check power of your voice that you don't know.

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Voice Aura -色による音声診断 あなたの声は何色?-

Voice Aura -色による音声診断 あなたの声は何色?-




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