Breathe Pro: Professional breathing course

Breathe like a Pro: Take a 28 day research-backed breathing training for instant stress relief.

*** Breathe to relax, achieve instant Stress Relief and inner Calm through correct breathing
*** Use breathing training from professionals and train your long-term stress resistance
*** Measure and improve your Stress Resistance Level
*** Takes you on a mindful journey around the globe, you even may send postcards from your breathing spot

BREATHE PRO takes you on a mindful journey of breathing exercises and measures your stress resistance with the smartphone camera.

We believe that a daily breathing session is the best way to feel calm and to get back to your inner balance.

Free yourself from exhausting stress.

Breathe in and Breathe out, track your stress levels while breathing and improve your stress resistance significantly.
Enjoy a 4 week breathing course, while virtually traveling to perfect relaxation spots around the world
Each breathing exercise takes just 1 minute and 30 seconds, which will calm you down and will be sufficient to lower your stress levels, while your stress resistance will increase
The breathe in and breathe out cycles are changing over the time to strengthen your cardiovascular system

How does it work?
Measurement, analysis and tracking of your stress resistance
The measurement and tracking of the Heart Rate Variability with the smartphone camera while you are breathing gives an medically proven indication of how good your stress resistance is.
On a day to day basis, improve your breathing techniques and gain a much better Heart Rate Variability to avoid burnout and stress related cardiovascular diseases.

4 Week Breathing Course
The 4-week course takes you on a journey to 28 different locations and exercises after which you will feel and see the difference

Technical issues:
We are detecting the heart rate variability with the smartphone camera. For better precision we are supporting only iPhones with 120fps and more. (4SE, 5s, 6, 6plus, 6s, 6s plus)

Breathe Pro: Professional breathing course

Breathe Pro: Professional breathing course




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