MixBit - Collaborative Video.

Click Here to download MixBit: http://www.mixbit.com

MixBit is an awesome new App available on the iOS App Store now! From the creators of YouTube itself comes a brand NEW video sharing app where you can publish videos up to 1 hour in length! You can combine up to 256 1-16 second clips into your very own video that the world can see! You can also use clips from other videos throughout the community!

Unlike Vine and Instagram, MixBit allows you to edit your videos and combine multiple clips before publishing! Plus, (As mentioned earlier) you can publish videos that are up to 1 HOUR LONG! This is an amazing feature compared to other video sharing apps, like Vine which only allows 6 second videos, and Instagram which only allows 15 second Videos.

MixBit also has its own website where you can view your videos and the Featured videos!
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MixBit - Collaborative Video.

MixBit - Collaborative Video.




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